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From Mountains to stepping-stones

When your day is full of “to-do’s” and your personal dreams or goals become stuck in a place of ideas, equipping yourself with realistic strategies and a feasible plan is self-care.  As a single mother who has done it all from homework, sporting events, returning to academia, and acquiring professional training and certifications, I am here to say, "You do not have to go it alone.  You can do this!"


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Ramona Christine MDiv, CLC, CACI

My philosophy of care is to be authentic - always.  Most important to me is to support you right where you are.  As a professionally trained and educated Life Coach and Therapist, a friend, a mother and a grandmother, I approach all relationships with the same honesty and integrity. There is nothing too real or too honest to say to each other that should result in any feelings of violation.  In an honest relationship, every word and every moment are opportunities for acceptance and growth.

I will listen.  I will be honest.  I will challenge.


"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."
"I don't much care where -"
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go."

- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

A Calling… Walking the Talk

I knew over twenty-five years ago that my passion was to share in heart truth with others.  I realized my “Calling” during a challenging time in my life where I learned to trust in others and experienced the compassion that is possible in others.

The experience of meeting compassionate strangers was one that I could never have imagined possible; not as the broken spirit that I was.

Ramona Christine, LLC

As I remembered and prayed for the broken spirits I have met in my lifetime and along my journey, I knew from then on that my “Calling” was to pass the compassion forward.  There were so many that I felt I had left behind as I began my healing journey.  After twenty-five years of personal growth (with intention and purpose), I now offer myself as a Spiritual and personal healer in the form of a Wounded Healer.

Spiritual Integration

Spiritual Integration is the culmination of Pastoral Care and various degrees of health care ranging from mental health to physical health.

The culmination of Spiritual Care with Clinical Care emerged when research studies showed the significant impact religiosity and/or spirituality had on the overall well-being of individuals. By not allowing a space for deeper conversations related to religiosity and/or spirituality, a significant area of healing and growth were grossly neglected. But now, where it had previously been taboo to discuss personal religiosity and/or spirituality in a clinical setting, it is now the norm and acceptable under the care of Spiritually Integrated professionals.

Mental health workers and spiritual care providers are now integrating their skill bases through formal training and education to more powerfully meet the needs of individuals whose decisions, worldviews, and self-understanding are strongly motivated by explicit or implicit belief systems.

Both spiritual and mental health care providers aim to strengthen meaning and a sense of fulfillment in the lives of individuals. The collaboration of the two professions now serve to powerfully impact individual lives in deeper and more meaningful ways by addressing a accepting the “Whole-Person”.

** Spiritually Integrated Life Coaches and Therapists serve clients of any or no religious affiliation.

Ramona Christine, LLC

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