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My professional journey may as well be my life story. As the eldest granddaughter in a Hispanic / Native American family, I was born and bred into the responsibility of caring for both my elder and younger family members. As the first-born granddaughter, I was also very attended to by my elders. I learned quickly and was extremely self-aware. My loved ones nurtured the innate and existential spirit in me that consistently wondered how I existed among others and the world around me. I was always the kid hanging out at the kitchen table interrupting the adult conversations to ask, "Why?" (Rude! Go outside and play kid - just kidding.)

The core value of caring for my family manifested into a desire to empower others by teaching them what I knew; especially if they were asking the questions. Empowering others by sharing knowledge is not only a trait of a Matriarch, but also of a caring and compassionate person who thrives in the happiness of others.

Self-awareness intertwined with a high interest in life and the world around me began at an extremely young age. This is also how I ventured into so many academic bodies of knowledge. You can visit my "Resume" page to learn more.

What makes us tick?
What motivates our existence and persistence in life?
Why are we who we are?
Where are we going and how do we get there?
Who cares and does it matter?

As a single teenaged parent with little time for myself, I had no choice but to be responsible. As a survivor of decades of domestic violence, I had no choice but to hold on to my inner voice. As a dreamer, I had no choice but to keep on keeping on. I was determined the day I had to drop out of Jr. High school to one day return to academia. I had been told for so many years that I was "white-washed" for wanting to go to school and constantly questioned about "who the hell did I think I was?" and also told that because I had a child, my duty was to stay home and be a good Godly mother because that was now my punishment for being a whore. I did not have the right to dream. My inner voice just kept saying; "Fuck you all! I will one day live my dreams and get back to school." - I just never said it out loud. After (what seems) a very long life of challenges and struggle, the golden gates of academia were opened for me. And at the age of 40, like a caged horse, I flew out of the gates hard and fast! I had to make up for lost time. There was no other way around it.

In 1997, through miraculous forces (literally), I returned to academia and completed my certification as a Computer Applications Specialist. I was one of the first to work with Microsoft’s very first operating system, Windows 3.1. Upon completion of my two-year program, I immediately began providing services as a database administrator and website developer. I programmed in HTML, XML, DHTML, Java, Javascript, Visual Basic, C++, and .asp. I provided services as an independent web developer from 1999 – 2015. I still dabble in web development stuff (I have created my own websites), but at this point, I know just enough to be dangerous (as they say). I am not up-to-date with the current technology of website development. I know just enough though to either fix or totally break things (haha!), and I am okay with that. In 2004, as a single mother with two strong-spirited teenagers, I could not financially afford to continue my education in the world of technology. It moved way too fast to keep up. My focus at this time was only for survival. I focused on my family (and literally kept my kids alive - haha) by providing services as a web developer until the development of WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) software programs such as Joomla, WIX, and WordPress, which knocked many independent web developers off the grid, including me.

How it all fell into place. . .
A life-changing tragic experience that affected my being between 1995 and 2005 brought two unsolicited divine spiritual healers, one a Wicca, and the other, a Native American Medicine Man, into my world. They nurtured my heart and soul back to wellness and wholeness. As they re-connected me to my religious and spiritual foundations (in new ways), they invoked in me a personal and divine promise (some call this "A Calling") to return the blessings of unconditional acceptance to my fellow humanity. I returned to academia in 2009 determined to culminate spiritual and mental health care as one to do just that! I did not know how I was going to do it, but I was determined to find a way. The main purpose of obtaining the education I had was for competence, but also to be ethically and professionally responsible. In accordance with my own standards, I had to do it right!

In 2012, I completed my BA in Psychology with emphasis in Philosophy and Religious Studies. Straight from undergraduate school, I went for and completed my Master of Divinity in Social Justice, Pastoral Care, and Women & Religious Studies in 2016. Throughout my Master's studies, I also completed my Level I Certification in Substance Abuse Counseling and two clinical units as a hospital Chaplain Intern providing spiritual and emotional support to patients, their loved ones, and fellow staff members. By the completion of my Master's program, Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy was coming into full fruition (how ironic is that?!). Mental health and pastoral care professionals of many bodies and traditions were now coming together to provide whole-person care to their communities referred to as Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy, and I was one of them.

These sites are currently under construction. C'mon! I'm working on them. I expect to have them completed by the end of September 2020, so keep an eye out.

Jezebel's Charm - Narrative Therapy for women and the women at heart and in spirit. This is where I creatively share my stories as a healing tool for the recovery of the broken heart, what it's like to survive as a teenaged parent and survivor of domestic violence, how to overcome the fear and injustice of social constructions that work against single parents and women of color, how to work on and address self-esteem and confidence blocks, and how to stay motivated for the joys of life when one would rather take a nap or escape through substance use.

Embrace(D) for Life - Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy. I grew up in a pious and humble home, primarily raised by my grandmother, who was a Curandera. I learned from her how to maintain faith in miracles and hope through the art of prayer. I was also a witness to the power of prayer and faith with my family and throughout my life experiences. When God was used as a weapon against me, to literally hurt me, I side-stepped and turned my back on God (or any belief in God or the Divine). The impact of trauma led me back to (and reminded me of) my spiritual core and autonomy. As I accepted my power and gift of free will, I was able to create my own path back through new means and avenues, unlike those which had once strengthened me and hurt me at the same time. Now, I am a spiritual and wounded healer. Through my ministry and philosophy of care, I support and encourage your path to wellness through the acceptance of what does or doesn't work for you spiritually or through religious faith. It is okay to not believe. Many have been hurt by the dogma and paradigms of religion. What is not okay, is the harm that can be done to your wellness and wholeness when there is an underlying moral conflict. The power of our core beliefs and values, which are instilled upon us during our developmental years, continues to influence our (dis)connection to life even into adulthood - no matter how much we think we've got it under control. Until we learn to understand and change our internalized values and beliefs, current struggles may be the result of deep moral conflict.

The Business Finance Suite aka Business Credit Builder Program (Sweet!) - As an Entrepreneur and independent contractor, I had provided a variety of services to my communities. However, I knew little to nothing about structuring a business profile, let alone a business credit profile (what in the world is that?).

I would simply collect my earnings and put them into the bank; my personal bank account (yikes!).

I decided in 2016 to set myself up in an office space. Like any business owner or independent contractor, I went straight to the bank for a business loan or business credit to get started. As one might predict, I was denied credit for my business. Oh no! This was the beginning of a two-year learning journey about my consumer credit AND building business credit (the learning just doesn't stop). It was not part of my plan to spend two years researching and learning about business credit but just as everything else in my life, one thing led to another. I would not be attesting to and providing the service as a credit coach if I did not believe in it. It absolutely worked for me!

Until I gathered and fully understood the information that I am offering you, literally saving you lots of valuable time in research, I used my own money and personal credit cards to set up my business. Within a couple of months, I experienced the negative impact it had on my consumer credit score. I lost about 150 points on my credit score. I was crushed. How was I supposed to fund my business? How was I going to recover my consumer credit score? This is not the financial stress I wanted for me or my business. I wanted my business to eventually care for me so that I could just focus on the services I worked so hard towards being able to provide.

The expenses of running a business can consume all your earnings really quickly. Marketing expenses alone could cost up to the tens of thousands of dollars. I am grateful that I found the Business Finance Suite aka Business Credit Builder Program when I did! By working the steps of the program, I was able to build and establish a business credit profile and I had immediate access to the funds I needed to keep my business afloat and growing. Within a few months, I was able to secure credit and financing for my business without having to use my personal credit (or personally guarantee any of it). Whew! That was a blessing because my consumer credit was not in the best of shape, especially not after maxing everything out. The tables have turned now and my business can sustain itself while I have (literally) doubled my borrowing power with two credit profiles; a consumer and a business credit report.

Of course! Now, I must share what I have learned about consumer and business credit.

Within 90 days of getting my business structured correctly, my business was approved for its first revolving credit line in the amount of $18,000.00 (whoa!). Within a couple months of that, my business was approved for a business credit card with a starting limit of $12,000.00 (whoop, whoop!). Now, a year later, I have several gas cards, vendor credit accounts, and store credit cards including Home Depot. I was surprised by the credit limits because my highest (ever) credit card on the consumer side was just $4,000.00.

I am living proof that the program works, that it works quickly, and that it is a high-quality product and service. Have you ever purchased a product that promised many benefits just to find that it didn't quite live up to all that it said it would? Let me list the many products I have been disappointed in - women's expensive beauty products for starters (haha - geesh!).

Now that I have worked (on the side) to repair my personal credit and obtain business credit, I am offering this same support as a consumer and business credit coach. I will support you through the process and guide you to where you want to be financially. Involvement with the Business Finance Suite also provides top notch customer service and support (no lie!) As your coach, I am always available to answer questions and support you along the way. You will be fully supported through the whole process and it won't take long (promise!)

Welcome to your next life's journey as your dreams manifest into reality!

I can hardly wait to hear (and share) your testimonial and to learn more about how you are living into your dreams and goals. Everything is possible if you believe!

If you want to learn more about the services I provide, you can visit my other websites or contact me directly, toll free at (888) 267-8493 for more information. I also respond to emails within 24 hours.

In lieu of the current COVID-19 pandemic, no in-person meetings or consultations are available. All sessions are held over-the-phone or via telehealth service through Skype or Zoom.

Prayers of wellness and safety to the world as we grieve through confusion, fear, and loss. I am available for emotional and spiritual support, in the late evenings and on the weekends, Wednesday through Sunday, 9PM (MST) - 2AM (MST) for those needing someone to talk to or process with.

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